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Montmajour , in memory of Anton Mauve

- PAINTING TECHNIQUE: Natural pigments diluted in oil on canvas.
- CANVAS DIMENSIONS: cm. 25 x 19
- LOCATION: Arles (Midì - France).
- SUBJECT: In memory of the death of his cousin Anton Mauve, his teacher of painting.
- DATING: July 1888
- ATTRIBUTABLE TO: Vincent van Gogh.
- CLIENT: Theo van Gogh.
- TESTIMONIES: Cardboard funeral of Mauve, whose portrait is painted mirror:

- REFERENCES: "Lettres de illustrées Vincent van Gogh", Ed. Textuel Paris, 2003, vol.1, p 157: "... what will please you is that I have a letter from her cousin Mauve to say that she thanks us the picture. a very nice letter ... I will say that I still have a few sketches in the letter that the will is also pleased that we will have an increase in the collection of portraits of the artists. "Thus it refers to a portrait of an artist and not a tree.

- FIVE CLUES ON CANVAS:  (1: signature of his brother Theo at the back), (2: signing Vincent and the date on the front), (3: the face of Anton Mauve among the flowers), (4: Setting perspective of the painting), (5: the word "premiere", first performance).

1) Dedication handwritten on the back of the canvas and signature of Theo van Gogh.

^  infra red photo (IR)  ^

2) Date July 24, 1888 and signed by Vincent on the front of the canvas, 
under a veil of painting:
^  infra red photo (IR)  ^
                               ^  07 1888 = July 1888 
unless he has predicted his own death on 29/07/1890 at Auvers - sur - Oise ?

3) The face of Anton Mauve 
among the flowers:

                                          The face ^ of Anton Mauve

4) The setting perspective of the painting and the details of the trees:

5) written in contemporary pasta with the same characters, 
     in the lower left corner:  PREMIERE

- OWNER: Declaration of possession of Umberto Barbera Joackim the Italian Ministry of Culture, dated 22.1.2005- Now the painting has changed hands and is part of a private collection.
- FINAL EXPORT LICENSE: granted 22th February 2005, number 13, Protocol. 134, to Wildenstein Institute (license expired, to be repeated).
-  ORIGIN: "Marché aux Puces" = antique market of Paris, acquired in January 2005.
- PUBLICATIONS: was deposited a film subject to the S.I.A.E. (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) on the theme "A film already written, from Paris to Beijing with van Gogh," also was published this listing from Google. 
- PHOTOS TECHNICAL EXAMS: performed by the Laboratory of Restoration NICOLA srl (Aramengo, Italy), photographs UV, IR, X, and exams multi-spectral color on the points made by Professor Thierry Radelet who said that the painting is contemporary with the from the 1800 period.
- THEME OF THE WORK: with a reference to the literary novel Alphone Daudet "Mon Moulin", given to him by his cousin Anton Mauve (Zaandam 1839 - Amhem February 1888), Vincent van Gogh wanted to remember his death in July 1888 by a cardboard annunciatagli funeral sent to him by his brother Theo van Gogh. Note: Anton Mauve, born Anthonij Rudolf Mauve, was a Dutch painter of the current of realism and among the most important exponents of the school of The Hague and was the first teacher of painting by Vincent van Gogh.
- LOCATION OF THE WORK: This work "Walk to MONTMAJOUR" is kept in the safe of a bank in Europe.

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